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Kindergarten - 5th Grade

IB Program - Rochester Arts and Science Academy

RASA has created a customized, stimulating academic program drawn from the International Baccalaureate-Primary Years Program (IB-PYP), Minnesota state standards, and Common Core. There are 6 subject areas within the PYP

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Art
  • Personal, Social & Physical Education

RASA’s Program of Inquiry organizes students’ in-depth exploration of six transdisciplinary themes throughout the year. These themes guide a classroom’s inquiry into topics that cover the breadth of subject areas, allowing RASA to not only meet, but to exceed, state standards in science and social studies while simultaneously introducing a global context for the information. Students and teachers work together to identify the questions that are most compelling and thus student inquiry drives the focus of the learning, often in surprising and wonderful ways.

The six transdisciplinary themes are:

Transdiciplinary Theme

Example: 2nd Grade Program of Inquiry

Who We Are

Staying Healthy (Healthy behaviors for our bodies)

Where We Are in Space & Time

Lost & Found (Maps & Geography)

How the World Works

Rock & Roll (Earth Science)

How We Express Ourselves

Cultural Art (Study of cultures & beliefs through art)

How We Organize Ourselves

Charities (How charities support needs)

Sharing the Planet

The Water Cycle (Water’s role as an essential life resource)

View the Full Program of Inquiry Here

Detailed curricular content for traditional subject areas (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Visual Arts) can be viewed here by grade level:

Kindergarten1st Grade

2nd Grade3rd Grade

4th Grade5th Grade


Daily Schedule

Sample daily classroom schedule

Key Features:

  • Language arts instruction (90+ minutes/day) is emphasized in the younger grades.
  • Math instruction occurs daily, (60 + minutes/day)
  • Transdisciplinary learning through the IB Program of Inquiry occurs daily
  • Foreign language instruction is offered daily.
  • Physical education occurs daily
  • Art and music are offered weekly.
  • IB assembly occurs biweekly
  • Public library visits are biweekly for older grades


Curricular Materials


Language Arts:

Houghton Mifflin’s Journeys reading program supplemented by Words their Way (spelling), Lucy Caulkins Writing Workshop, & Handwriting Without Tears.


Singapore Math

Science & Social Studies:

IB Program of Inquiry

Foreign Language:

Daily French and Spanish Language instruction.


RASA integrates technology instruction into daily learning. Keyboarding, online research & use of iPad apps and instruction on use of computer applications is provided. Smart Board technology is utilized in all classrooms.

Physical Education:

Inside and/or outside as weather allows. Students have opportunities for both structured activities and free play. RASA has an indoor space available with play equipment


Weekly art instruction. Art lessons center on works of famous artists and connections to IB units of inquiry


Weekly music classes emphasizing basic music instruction and appreciation/participation.